MLA closes constituency office: DUP representative looking for new premises

Paula Bradley MLA
Paula Bradley MLA

North Belfast MLA Paula Bradley has begun the search for a new constituency office.

The DUP representative closed the doors on her Glengormley office on Friday, August 5, claiming it was “no longer viable”.

Ms Bradley said changes brought in by the Assembly’s Independent Financial Review Panel (IFRP) had left her with no other option but to shut the office on Portland Avenue.

“The changes introduced by the IFRP to office lease terms and conditions have meant that it is no longer viable to sustain my constituency office in Glengormley,” she said. “The IFRP’s most recent determination does not take into account the variations in rent and rates across Northern Ireland and has also introduced changes to rental lease terms and conditions. This is very regrettable as my office has assisted several thousand constituents with enquiries during my first Assembly term.”

The former councillor added: “I have always placed a strong emphasis on representing and delivering for my constituents, and I believe that my office has been an important asset in the area. I am currently in the process of sourcing other suitable office accommodation in the Newtownabbey area.”

Constituents wanting to contact Ms Bradley can still do so by telephoning 028 9083 0066 or by emailing at