MLA praises council bid to reduce waste

Pam Cameron MLA.
Pam Cameron MLA.

The deputy chair of the Assembly’s Environment Committee, South Antrim MLA Pam Cameron, has praised Newtownabbey Council for its commitment to increasing recycling levels.

Earlier this year the council’s Environment Committee was informed that recycling rates in the borough have now passed 50 per cent, which has meant a significant decrease in the amount of waste going to landfill.

And through the roll out of innovative schemes such as the ‘triple stack’ kerbie system to more households and continuing promotion of the benefits of recycling, the local authority is hoping to pass the 60 per cent mark by 2020.

Speaking following last week’s meeting of the Waste Programme Board, Mrs Cameron said: “I was pleased to see that Newtownabbey Borough Council’s pilot recycling scheme was identified for its innovative methods to meeting current EU recycling targets.

“In decreasing the frequency of collections, reducing bin sizes for residual waste and increasing kerbside recycling capacity Newtownabbey Borough Council have taken an inventive approach to tackling the levels of waste we send to landfill.”

The DUP representative added: “I am keen to see this innovation continue in order that we can become more sustainable in our use of resources.”