More people need to speak out, says Fairview resident

Resident Alva Kerton has been campaigning regarding this problematic piece of land since 2004   INNT 16-457-RM
Resident Alva Kerton has been campaigning regarding this problematic piece of land since 2004 INNT 16-457-RM

A CARNMONEY resident has called on more local householders to make complaints to the Department for Regional Development and Newtownabbey Borough Council about the state of the grass verges along the Fairview Road.

Alva Kerton, who first raised concerns about the eyesore in front of his Fairview Park home back in 2004, contacted the Times this week to voice his support for the views expressed in last week’s edition by Glenkyle resident, Tom Douglas.

Mr Douglas, who said that local ratepayers are fed up with the unkempt look of the grass verges and the amount of litter being dumped in the area, called for action to be taken to make the place “look half decent.”

Echoing that call, Mr Kerton commented: “I raised this same issue back in 2004 and people are still complaining about it, but nothing seems to have changed to improve the situation since then; the DRD still won’t cut the grass any more than five times a year. The problem is ten times worse now than it was then and still nothing is being done.

“There are broken bottles lying in the grass and the place is being used as a dog toilet. When the grass is eventually cut the kids gather up the grass into piles to make wee huts or whatever; it’s very dangerous. With so much broken glass lying about, someone is going to get badly hurt.”

Praising Mr Douglas for speaking out about the problem, Mr Kerton added: “I agree with everything he said (in last week’s Times). But unfortunately one voice is not enough to get things changed. We need all the residents to speak out about this and to raise their concerns with the DRD and the council.”

A DRD spokesperson confirmed that grass cutting along the Fairview Road took place this week. However, she stressed that the council is responsible for dealing with problems such as littering and dog fouling.

A spokeswoman for Newtownabbey Council said that staff have removed rubbish from the grass verges along the Fairview Road on several occasions in the past on “an informal basis”, but stressed that the local authority has no official agreement with Roads Service regarding ‘litter picking’ in the area.