More salt boxes needed, says alderman

ALDERMAN Billy Ball has said he will continue to press Roads Service to provide more grit/salt bins in residential areas of the borough.

The DUP man, who has asked for salt bins to be placed in Twinburn near Monkstown and other locations where there is a high percentage of elderly or vulnerable residents, recently wrote to the department requesting a review of its criteria for the provision of salt bins. At present the evaluation process is weighted towards areas with community facilities such as schools, hospitals and care homes.

In a reply to alderman Ball’s correspondence, Roads Minister Danny Kennedy said: “The frustration of your constituents, particularly the elderly or disabled, is understandable. However, as I’m sure you will appreciate, it is important that officials consider requests fairly and equitably in accordance with established policy and guidelines...”

“In the current financial circumstances and given the considerable resources already deployed on winter service activities, the department is simply not in a position to review the criteria for the provision of salt boxes.”