More than 70 candidates to battle it out for seats on new super council

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A total of 73 candidates will fight it out for 40 seats on the new Antrim and Newtownabbey Council. Here’s the full list of who’s standing in each of the seven District Electoral Areas...

Ballyclare (5 seats) - David Arthurs, TUV; Jim Bingham, UUP; Gary English, NI21; Mandy Girvan, DUP; Tim Girvan, DUP; Jordan Greer, DUP; Pat McCudden, Alliance; Scott McDowell, PUP; David McMaster, Independent; Vera McWilliam, UUP; Robert Moore, Independent.

Glengormley Urban (7 seats) - Audrey Ball, DUP; John Blair, Alliance; Phillip Brett, DUP; Mark Cosgrove, UUP; Sam Flanagan, DUP; Michael Goodman, SF; Mary Higgins, NI21; Noreen McClelland, SDLP; Michael Maguire, UUP; Sam Nelson, Alliance; Gerry O’Reilly, SF.

Macedon (6 seats) - Bronach Anglin, SF; Billy DeCourcy, DUP; Paul Hamill, DUP; Thomas Hogg, DUP; David Hollis, TUV; Dominic Mullaghan, SDLP; Victor Robinson, DUP; John Scott, UUP; Dineen Walker, DUP; Billy Webb, Alliance; Ken Wilkinson, PUP.

Three Mile Water (6 seats) - Fraser Agnew, UUP; Billy Ball, DUP; Pamela Barr, DUP; Tom Campbell, Alliance; Lynn Frazer, Alliance; Gary Grattan, NI21; Robert Hill, DUP; Ben Kelso, UUP; Darren Logan, PUP; Trevor Mawhinney, TUV; Stephen Ross, DUP; Jackie Shaw, PUP.

Airport (5 seats) - Thomas Burns, SDLP; Heather Fee, NI21; Oran Keenan, SDLP; Alan Lawther, Alliance; Anne-Marie Logue, SF; Matthew Magill, DUP; Paul Michael, UUP; Mervyn Rea, UUP; Roy Thompson, DUP.

Antrim (6 seats) - Richard Cairns, TUV; Adrian Cochrane-Watson, UUP; Brian Graham, DUP; Nigel Kells, DUP; Neil Kelly, Alliance; Roisin Lynch, SDLP; Noel Maguire, SF; Sian O’Neill, Alliance; Drew Ritchie, UUP; John Smyth, DUP; George Young, NI21.

Dunsilly (5 seats) - Trevor Beatty, DUP; Anthony Brady, SF; Linda Clarke, DUP; Henry Cushinan, SF; Brian Duffin, SDLP; Julian McGrath, Alliance; Roderick Swann, UUP; Ryan Wilson, SDLP.

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