Mossley art exhibition

Greyabbey Painters, a group of artists with a range of interests and abilities, are inviting people to their ‘Disparate Elements’ exhibition and sale at The Flax Gallery, Mossley Mill.

The exhibition, which will run from May 28 - June 20, will feature a variety of works including landscapes, seascapes and still life pieces in a range of mediums such as watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

“The title Disparate Elements refers to us being distinct in kind, dissimilar from one another, we vary in age, ability and gender. From this we learn something valuable about both our work and ourselves; our difference helps us grow individually and as a group,” a spokesperson explained.

“Our choice of images is personal to our own experiences and skills, both former and present, of our individual personalities. The exhibition has given us a common goal whilst allowing us to retain our individuality. As we move forward as a group of interested amateur artists, we learn more from each other as to the value of difference in helping towards a productive future.”

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