MP Wilson urges Villiers to join Brexit coalition

No Vote campaigner Sammy Wilson, MP. Picture: Presseye'.
No Vote campaigner Sammy Wilson, MP. Picture: Presseye'.

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has urged the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to join him “in a broad coalition” aimed at extricating the UK from the European Union.

During Northern Ireland Questions in the House of Commons yesterday, the DUP representative asked Theresa Villiers if she would agree that “despite the scare stories being circulated by the alarmists in the pro EU camp, a vote to leave the EU would be good for the NI economy and the economy of the UK as a whole”.

Mr Wilson added: “Leaving the EU would release the £18bn we pay in each year to be spent on public services as we see fit. It would enable us to set up trade agreements with those countries in the world where economies are growing, rather than be tied to the stagnant markets of the failed Euro zone. And it would free businesses from the suffocating Brussels bureaucracy.”

Mr Wilson pointed out: “The Secretary of State is one of those ministers who, it is claimed, wishes to be free to campaign against EU membership. I look forward to working with her in a broad coalition to achieve that goal.”