Mum ‘left with 68p’ after bank crisis hits

Victoria Kidd.
Victoria Kidd.

A GLENGORMLEY single mum has branded the Ulster Bank crisis “ridiculous” after she was left with just 68p to buy food and essentials.

Victoria Kidd said she was forced to borrow money from friends and family to feed and provide for her two young children when the bank crisis hit last week.

The Ulster Bank’s parent company RBS has said a computer software upgrade had failed, disrupting payments into and out of accounts.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of customers could not have money transferred either into or out of their accounts.

Branches extended opening hours and staff worked through the weekend to clear the backlog that the problem created.

It is thought normal service could resume by next week, however, the Financial Ombudsman has said disruption could continue “for weeks”.

Victoria Kidd, aged 24, and one of those badly affected, said: “This is ridiculous.

“My wages went into my account last Thursday and I could not get access to them. I’ve been left to borrow money from friends and family and am now having to pay them back.

“All I had was 68p to my name and that is not enough to feed my two kids; it was just lucky I had nappies left over, or I would have been really stuck.

“At first I was told it would be a day or two, then it was a week or maybe longer, it really is ridiculous.

“The staff at the bank have been really helpful, but when all this settles the bank needs to provide something for its customers.

“If they said sorry and offered everyone £20 - just something small, that might help and £20 can go a long way - I know that all too well.”

The bank has apologised for the problems caused and assured customers they will not be left out of pocket. A spokesperson said: “Customers who are unable to get to a branch or an ATM should contact us on 0800 231232.”

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