Nationalists lose out on new policing forum

Alliance councillor Tom Campbell
Alliance councillor Tom Campbell

NEWTOWNABBEY’S non-DUP councillors failed in a last ditch effort to get nationalist politicians on the new Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

At Monday’s night’s full council meeting, Alliance councillor Tom Campbell called on members to back his proposal for a 19-member body which would include 10 councillors and allow Sinn Fein to have a seat.

This was opposed to the 17-member body with nine councillors and excluding Sinn Fein (SF), that the council’s Development Committee had recommended a week earlier for members to approve.

Mr Campbell said: “It is disappointing that the d’Hondt principal is being used to determine the membership of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

“Using proportionality would provide a more fair and equal system and it is important that it has the widest possible remit.”

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