Nearly 1000 people living with dementia

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There are currently 983 people living with dementia in Newtownabbey, according to new figures released by Alzheimer’s Society.

A report produced for the charity revealed that there are now 19,765 people living with dementia in Northern Ireland and that there will be 850,000 people living with the condition in the UK by 2015, costing the UK £26 billion a year.

Despite these huge costs – two-thirds of which are shouldered by people with dementia, their carers and families – tens of thousands of people with dementia are still living without the right support to do everyday tasks like getting dressed, eating and going to the toilet.

The charity is urging the Department of Health, Social Service and Public Safety to take full advantage of our integrated health and social care system to ensure that people with dementia receive the care and support they need from diagnosis to end of life.

Key findings from the report outline that just over half of people with dementia (58 percent) reported to be living well.

Nearly two-thirds (61 percent) said they had felt anxious or depressed recently, while seven out of 10 people were living with another medical condition or disability as well as dementia.

Bernadine McCrory, Alzheimer’s Society Director of Operations in Northern Ireland, said: “We know that parts of NI are leading the way as some of the best performing areas for support after diagnosis.

“However, despite good progress, the research highlights the huge financial and human impact dementia is having. We must do more to ensure that everyone living with dementia gets the care and support they need.”