‘Never been a better time to try the train’

THE Larne Line Passenger Group (LLPG) has welcomed the latest punctuality figures on the Larne - Belfast route and is encouraging more people to try the train.

The LLPG believes that improved punctuality figures for the first half of 2012, which were released by the group this week, signal an important turning point in the quality of the service provided on the Larne Line, which serves Whiteabbey and Jordanstown. Of the 1,673 train journeys sampled, 67 per cent were on time, 29 per cent were up to five minutes late, and only four per cent were over five minutes late.

Welcoming the figures, LLPG Secretary Elena Aceves-Cully suggested that the impressive punctuality results are largely down to the introduction of the new Class 4000 trains.

“From the old, smelly and leaky trains, with frequent delays, we have moved to quiet, clean, warm and more punctual trains. Also, generous park and ride provisions in Carrickfergus, Greenisland and Whiteabbey have facilitated many more passenger users to park at the stations. Jordanstown will be the next one to get its own park and ride.

“With the ever increasing cost of fuel, parking and fines, the current road works on the M5/M2 and the impending widening works on the A2 and A8, there has never been a better time to try the train. Commuters should avail of the good value for money weekly, monthly and annual tickets as well as the Ilink and Mlink cards in order to maximise their savings,” she commented.