New artwork points to '˜shared future' in area

The re-imaging of a mural in Rathcoole aims to illustrate the area's 'transition from a troubled past to a peaceful shared future'.

Wednesday, 13th June 2018, 11:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:43 pm
Cllr Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston unveiled the new mural in Rathcoole.

The new wall art in the Carmeen Drive area of the estate depicts historical links to the Dalaradia Kingdom of Ulster, the indigenous Pretani people and the Red Hand of Ulster.

The painting also shows the modern landmarks of the four tower blocks, as well as the motto of local community group Dalaradia, ‘Respect , Heritage, Culture.’

A Red Hand Commando mural had previously been on the wall that the new art is on.

The new mural in the Carmeen Drive area.

It showed a gunman with the phrase “Rathcoole Red Hand Commando South East Antrim B Company - The Elite”, as well as the organisation’s crest.

The re-imaging initiative came about after consultation between REACH UK, Dalaradia and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

REACH UK is based on the Newtownards Road and is involved in community development and conflict transformation throughout Northern Ireland.

The group has been primarily involved in working with working class unionist groups. The new mural was officially unveiled by Belfast City Council PUP representative, Cllr Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston on Tuesday evening.

The original RHC mural.

Cllr Corr-Johnston said: “This is the first Red Hand Commando mural to be re-imaged. Formerly a mural depicting a militant past it is now a window into the rich historical tapestry of Ireland.

“It reaches beyond partition, beyond division and promotes a common identity as a way of transitioning from conflict to peace.”

She added: “I’d like to record my thanks to Dalaradia, a historical and cultural group based in Rathcoole, for inviting me to share in their significant progress.

“Progress that has been made possible through their extensive consultation with South East Antrim, REACH UK and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.”