New CCTV camera for trouble hotspot

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THE installation of a new CCTV security camera at Glebe Road West in Glengormley has been described as “welcome reassurance for local residents who have been plagued by anti-social behaviour for many years.”

Glengormley councillor Paula Bradley made the comment following the installation of the new camera by Newtownabbey Borough Council this week.

“I am delighted that plans for this new security camera have finally come to fruition and I would commend all those who lobbied for its installation,” the North Belfast MLA said. “As a representative for the Glengormley area, I know that anti-social behaviour problems in the town remain among the biggest concerns. Since opening my new office, I have been contacted by many local residents regarding the ongoing situation in the town and specifically about this hotspot. The catalogue of abuse, harassment and intimidation that many residents have endured in the vicinity has been intolerable.”

The DUP councillor added: “I trust that this new security camera will both act as a deterrent to would-be troublemakers and at the same time give some reassurance to long-suffering local residents. The cameras are monitored by the council and by the PSNI and recordings can be used as evidence. It would be my hope that the camera can be used to document evidence against perpetrators and will ultimately reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.”