New group sets its sights on improving local environment

Jack Shaw.
Jack Shaw.

Ballyduff residents are planning to set up a new group to tackle environmental issues within the estate, it has been revealed.

Progressive Unionist Party representative Jack Shaw said that the residents are getting together with the aim of improving their local area.

“People feel that the area has been left behind, and they just want the best for their estate,” he explained.

“Of course the bonfire site and the burning of tyres will be among the issues they will be looking to deal with, but there are also more general environmental issues that they want to see being addressed.”

Following the completion of efforts to move this year’s July 11 bonfire away from people’s homes after residents expressed concerns about the safety of their properties, Mr Shaw thanked the bonfire collectors and council workers for their efforts, which he said were “for the good of the local community”.

“I’d also like to thank the Housing Executive warden who showed initiative in drawing up the fire safety report and helped resolve the situation and helped us get to where we are now,” he added.