New musical group helps people to feel fabulous

The Fabronics pictured at the launch party. Pic by Chronically Fabulous. INNT 27-811CON
The Fabronics pictured at the launch party. Pic by Chronically Fabulous. INNT 27-811CON

A musical group set up to help people with chronic illnesses has released a new single.

‘The Fabronics’ were recently formed with the assistance of Chronically Fabulous, a photography campaign which deals with several issues including body positivity, chronic illness and challenging perceptions.

A launch party for their new Chronically Fabulous single was held recently at the Maple Leaf Club in Belfast.

Daryl Cupples, who used to work as a chef in the Glenavana Hotel in Whiteabbey and Edenmore Hotel in Jordanstown, is a singer in the group.

Speaking to the Times, she said: “The launch party was very well attended. There were people there from all over Northern Ireland, which shows how the group is helping people from all over the country. This is the first time I have been part of a choir since I was at school. There are 11 of us in the group, with the youngest person being 18 while the oldest is 50.

“We all support each other and get along really well. If you are down the rest of the group pick you up - it is lovely.”

The group has been set up to offer support to people who suffer from a wide range of conditions.

Daryl suffers from porphyria variegate. This means that she is allergic to the sun, invisible light and fluorescent lights. It is a genetic condition, with no known cure.

Daryl added: “Other factors which bring on acute attacks of porphyria include chemicals used for household cleaning and strong perfumes. Stress and anxiety, as well as certain foods are also triggers. I am allergic to many drugs and medications, so GPs and hospital staff need to be extremely careful about prescribing medications for me.”

Daryl would like to thank Debbie and Richard Deboo, Anna Murphy, Trenaine Craigg, Felicity McKee and Tracey McConnell for their help and support with the group.

For more details about the group, check out the Chronically Fabulous Facebook page.