North Belfast DUP members reflect on successful 12 months

THE North Belfast DUP Constituency Association held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 8, during which guest speaker Diane Dodds MEP congratulated members on their “steady progress” over the past year.

“I recall when we opened the first DUP constituency office in North Belfast just over ten years ago and now this year I was delighted to perform the official opening of our fourth advice office in the constituency with the addition of Paula Bradley’s office in Glengormley. That demonstrates the strength and breadth of the constituency service which we are now able to provide, by the will of the electorate,” she told the meeting.

Reflecting on the party’s electoral success in last year’s Assembly and local council polls, North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said: “This electoral success is the product of hard work on behalf of constituents, not just at election time but all the time. It is indisputable that the DUP is the party of choice for the Unionist electorate in North Belfast and throughout the province and we will continue to effectively represent them at every level.”

The AGM included the election of officers for the Constituency Association for the coming year. The following were elected: Chairperson, Councillor Gareth McKee; Vice-Chairperson, Alderman William DeCourcy; Secretary, Councillor Brian Kingston; Treasurer, Ray Palmer.

Newly installed Chairperson, Gareth McKee said: “We have been pleased to see an increase in membership of the Association over the past year, particularly at youth level. We warmly welcome new membership applications from all community backgrounds, from those wishing to help us to keep the North Belfast constituency and Northern Ireland moving forward.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Association should contact the office of Paula Bradley MLA in Glengormley by telephoning 028 9083 0066.