Northgate remains positive about opportunities for business growth

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NORTHGATE Managed Services has said that it is confident of overcoming short-term economic challenges in order to continue growing its business.

The Church Road company was responding to claims from a former employee that a number of people have been laid off in recent months, and that more job losses could follow.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, told the Times: “There was all that stuff in the paper about Prince Andrew’s visit and how they (Northgate) were creating jobs, but the reality is that people have been losing their jobs and the talk is that more people are going to be laid off if things keep going the way they have been.”

A spokesman for the IT solutions firm, which is understood to be renegotiating its lease with Newtownabbey Borough Council for the use of office space at Mossley Mill where its sales team is currently based, declined to discuss numbers of job losses, but did stress that Prince Andrew’s visit last year had coincided with Northgate taking on several new apprentices.

“Northgate Managed Services continues to be positive about the opportunities for our business to continue to grow.

“Despite the short-term challenges which market conditions are creating, we remain confident in our ability to meet these challenges and create a strong and successful business built on delivering high levels of customer satisfaction,” he commented.