Objections to layby

OBJECTIONS to building a layby in Ballyclare have held up plans to improve parking and traffic flow in Bellevue Place and Bellevue Street.

Councillor Jackie Mann had asked the Roads Service for an update on improving parking in the area in December.

At the February Planning and Consultation meeting correspondence received from the Roads Service said there were no plans to add parking spaces, however, the introduction of a one-way system on the street would allow for a layby to be built by the Housing Executive, which had the funding in place to carry out the work.

However, a number of objections lodged to the plan, the Roads Service said, has meant a decision on how to proceed has not yet been taken.

Councillor Mann also asked for a section of the Rashee Road close to the Five Corners junction to be widened.

However, Roads Service responded saying the high cost of such a scheme and the low numbers of pedestrians using that stretch of road meant any work did not compare favourably with other projects.