Meet the ‘Teddy Boy’ family in Greenisland

Film recalls the "Teddy Boys" in Greenisland.
Film recalls the "Teddy Boys" in Greenisland.

Rare footage of Ulster’s coast and images from a bygone age have now been released.

Twenty titles from Northern Ireland have been made available by the British Film Institute.

These passengers sailed to The Maidens.

These passengers sailed to The Maidens.

These include scenes from a boat trip to The Maidens and “Teddy Boys” in Greenisland.

“Maidens in Distress” (1976) is a charming documentary about the East Maiden lighthouse. Meet the men who bring essential supplies to the lighthouse keepers and join this merry crew on the little Islandmagee ferry for an enjoyable day out. This film was made just one year before East Maiden became automated and the need for this essential service disappeared.

“Greenisland Rock” (1982) gives an enjoyable glimpse into a family reviving the Teddy Boy culture in 1980s Northern Ireland.

Other scenes feature Morris Dancers at Portrush, filmed in 1977, Northern Ireland’s only Morris Dancing group, formed by homesick English lecturers from the University of Ulster in Coleraine.

They began performing as a support act for “The Chieftains”, before going on to dance across Ireland, France and England.

Watch elephants cross the Craigavon Bridge in “The Circus Comes to Town” (1960), and Lammas Fair, 1964 captures many of the traditional facets of the festival, be it the multitude of stallholders or the air of celebration conjured by musicians, dancers and people playing games.

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