Valentine’s ‘Mannequin Challenge’ in Carrick town centre

Don't even blink
Don't even blink

A “Mannequin Challenge” will take place in Carrick town centre on Saturday (February 11).

It will be held at West Street/Market Place, at 1.00 pm.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Age NI Carrickfergus is trying to set a record for couples doing the “Mannequin Challenge”.

The charity says that is is “doing it with a twist – hug, hold hands or kiss your partner while we record it for posterity”.

Participants just have to “turn up and when the shout ‘Mannequin’ goes up, freeze”.

“There will be music to keep you entertained while you wait so come along, bring your family and have a bit of fun into the bargain”, a spokesperson said.

The “Mannequin Challenge” is where a person or group of people take part in a short video but they all appear to be frozen in time like mannequins.

The camera will then wind through the scene, with close-ups of motionless participants.

The idea is that nobody in the scene even blinks as the camera is moving past, making it seem like they are not real people.