On-the-run Roxy returned to zoo

A lion-tailed macaque.
A lion-tailed macaque.

A macaque monkey that had been on the run since it escaped from Belfast Zoo over a week ago has been recaptured.

Roxy was one of six mischievous lion-tailed macaques that escaped from their enclosure at Bellevue on October 21.

Four were quickly recaptured, while another - Jade - was caught by zoo staff near Merville Garden Village a few days later.

The last of the missing monkeys was spotted by residents in Ben Madigan Park South on Friday afternoon (November 1).

“It was incredible,” resident Bronach Anglin told the Times. “We have loads of wildlife around here, but to see a monkey in the garden was amazing. People couldn’t believe it.

“We coaxed it down from the trees with bananas and we were feeding it and it wasn’t at all bothered. But when the zoo keepers came and it saw them it just shot straight up a tree - it knew rightly what was going on.”

Zoo staff shot the macaque with tranquilliser darts and were able to remove it safely from the tree. It has now been returned to its home at Belfast Zoo.

“We are delighted to announce that all six lion-tailed macaques are now safely back home in their enclosure at Belfast Zoo,” a zoo spokesperson commented.

“The last remaining monkey, Roxy, was found after a member of the public spotted her in their garden, not far from the zoo site.

“The zoo team and vet retrieved her this afternoon and she will soon be reunited with the rest of the group.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the zoo throughout this time, including the PSNI, Fire Service and the public, who have been key in reporting sightings throughout this period.”

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