Open invite to join GriefShare course

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Glengormley Methodist is currently preparing to start its GriefShare course at the church on Glencairn Drive.

The course, which runs for 10 weeks, will begin on Thursday, January 19 at 7.30pm.

GriefShare is a Support Group for anyone who is going through the bereavement process, no matter who they have lost or how recently the loss took place.

Those who attended the group last year came with a wide range of experiences of loss and included spouses, parents, grandparents, children, siblings and grandchildren.

Some were there after losing a loved one only a matter of weeks previously, while for others it was a few years down the line.

“GriefShare doesn’t promise a ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ from grief but the Bible does say that being bereaved is like a journey,” said church Lay Pastor Ian Cahoon.

“This course offers to be there and help you along that journey, pointing out what might help and allowing you to travel it with others who are at the same point as well as some who have come through to the other side.”

For more information about what GriefShare entails or anything specific about the course being held at Glengormley Methodist, contact Lay Pastor Ian Cahoon on Mob: 07889 147530.

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