Paralysed OAP ‘abandoned’

Norman Warden
Norman Warden

A 76-YEAR-OLD man has hit out at health workers who joined the picket lines last week after his elderly and frail brothers-in-law - aged 69 and 74 - were left forced to care for him.

Norman Warden (pictured below left) has been paralysed since birth and is forced to rely on four visits from social services each day to feed, wash and clothe him as well as to help him to the toilet.

Last week as health staff took part in a one-day strike in protest at frontline budget cuts, the New Mossley man was told he would have to call on his family for his care.

Mr Warden told the Times he was disgusted that his elderly and frail brothers-in-law had to look after him during the strike action on Wednesday, October 5.

“It’s just not right that they had to look after me,” said Mr Warden.

“I can do nothing because I am paralysed and have been since birth.

“When I asked about how the strike would affect me, I was just told that my family would have to look after me.”

Mr Warden continued: “I agree with the strike, but people like me who need help, should not have been left abandoned like this.

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