‘Parents on school run must be safety aware’

CONCERNS have been raised by East Antrim MLA Alastair Ross about road safety in and around the entrances to local schools during drop-off and pick-up times.

The DUP man spoke out on the after a number of constituents contacted his office to voice fears that at some schools pupil safety is being jeopardised by inconsiderate drivers.

“I have been speaking to some parents and principals in schools across east Antrim and the problem in most cases often boils down to inadvertent blocking of roads by parents,” he explained.

“There are parents out there who are understandably picking up and dropping off pupils as close to the front door of the school as they possibly can, but in some cases this involves them entering the school grounds and blocking delivery lorries or buses whilst in other places they pull up on double yellow lines or block footpaths.”

“In the interests of safety, both for road users and pupils, this must stop.

“I would encourage those who leave off or pick up children to be considerate of others.”

Mr Ross stated that he has been in contact with a number of schools, all of which have been proactive in sending out reminders to parents that they should not block driveways or park illegally.

“Unfortunately if these efforts prove unsuccessful, the PSNI and Roads Service will need to look at other solutions,” he added.