Pastor’s Pen

Pastor Paul Hamill.
Pastor Paul Hamill.

By Pastor Paul Hamill

I like a nice pen. With a quick search online for the most expensive pen in the world, it turned out to be the Fulgor which sold for $8 million in a 2010 auction in China. The pen is decorated with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. Is it really worth that much? Am I even worth that much? It got me thinking about an illustration I read once about a pen that could talk.

“I was once only pieces of rubber and metal. But someone saw the making of a fountain pen in the pieces of rubber and metal, even as they were scattered about.

“I was taken to a great building called a factory. There I was MADE into this pretty pen you now see. I was then taken to a large store and displayed in a window along with other pens. For a while I seemed of no use at all, until one day someone came into the store and BOUGHT me. A price was paid for me and from that day on I have been OWNED. My owner is very fond of me and guards me carefully by His heart.

“He said I was ready to be of SERVICE to him. He began to write with me, and many, letters I have written for my owner.

“He HOLDS me in his hand and guides me gently and surely over the paper. I am really only an instrument in his hand.”

We have been, MADE by God, and are more valuable than anything in this world. This is shown in the price that God paid to save us from our sins.

Romans 5 v8 - “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Are you just a pen in the shop window of this world, or have you been bought with the blood of Jesus and are now an instrument in the hand of God?

Yes you and I are really worth that much to God.