Pastor’s Pen: An offer too good to miss

Rev Billy Davison.
Rev Billy Davison.

By Rev Billy Davison

Over the last few weeks, I received a text message from the company I bought my last car from. It was an invitation to a special event where huge savings were being offered on new and used cars. Although I didn’t attend, the following week another text message arrived saying the offer was extended for another week. The company were trying to persuade me to come and have a look at these ‘special offers’, because that way they stood a better chance of a sale.

For most of us, our interest is aroused when the chance of a ‘great bargain’ is being advertised. However, over the years we develop a healthy scepticism about so called ‘great bargains’. Later, upon reflection, we often discover that the offer was not as good as it first appeared. How different it is with what we are offered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This offer is very special and comes from God Himself. This is why ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. It is ‘Good News’ from God of His amazing offer of eternal life which is His free gift to be received through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This amazing gift is received through turning away from our sin in genuine repentance towards God and receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour. It includes the forgiveness of all our sins, power to transform our lives and the certainty of heaven when we die. What an amazing gift God freely offers us!

No matter what special offer comes our way in life, there is simply nothing to match this priceless gift.

It settles our eternal destiny. It means God adopts us into His family and we become His children. He transforms our lives and gives us new desires and a living hope. It is given by God through our faith in Christ wholly on the basis of His grace.

Make sure you don’t dismiss this ‘Good News’ offer, for you will miss the greatest and most important gift any human being can ever be offered. Trust in Christ’s redeeming work on the cross and come follow Him. John 1: 12.