Pastor’s Pen: Are you drowning in life?

Rev Brian Lacey.
Rev Brian Lacey.

By Rev Brian Lacey

The recent visit of the Tall Ships to Belfast drew our attention to the sea. Amidst the fun and revelry of the occasion, it hopefully also reminded us of the dangers of life on the ocean.

In the Bible the ocean is often described in negative ways. In Genesis we read: “Darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.” In that image of the creation of the world, the water represents all that is wild, untamed, and chaotic, which God has yet to being into order.

But we also see throughout Scripture many occasions in which God asserts his control over the sea. Within the New Testament, there are two that quickly spring to mind: Jesus walking on the water, and Jesus calming the storm.

We can take these Bible passages at face value, but we must also think about them theologically: What do we learn about God in them?

Well, if deep water in the Bible sometimes represents chaos, fearfulness, and godlessness, then Bible verses about God’s control over water are intended to remind us that God can bring order to that chaos. Don’t just think about the perils of the sea, for that chaos can be anything in our lives that threatens to overwhelm us: relationships, money, health, employment, etc.

So if we are getting out of our depth, if we feel all at sea, if the tide seems to be turning against us, if we are drowning in our difficulties, remember that God is able to lift you up out of the water that threaten to overwhelm you in the storms of life. Call to him for help, and he will save you.