Pastor’s Pen: Be nourished by God’s grace and truth

Rev Jonny Campbell-Smyth.
Rev Jonny Campbell-Smyth.

By Rev Jonny Campbell-Smyth

Over the past number of weeks as the weather has become steadily warmer, I have watched as the flowers in our garden begin to flourish and blossom.

What was once just green leaves has now literally burst into life and provides welcome colours around the garden.

My wife Alison reminds me each evening to go out and water all the plants after the sun has dried the soil during the day. For some of the vegetables we are also growing, this means giving them not just some water but additional nutrients to encourage a healthy yield when it comes to harvesting. If I was to give only a little attention to the garden then yes it would look ok, but it may never reach its full potential.

And surely when it comes to myself, my well being and growth, I have to consider, similar to the plants in my garden, whether I am looking after myself, getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet, and ensuring I have the right mix of family time, work time and me time. Again, like the plants I could ignore all the advice and just have an ordinary life, but then I may look back and realise that I never really blossomed or achieved my full potential – like the flowers without the nutrients.

As a Christian I am encouraged every day by a relational loving God who says that he exists so that we may enjoy life, and have it in all of its abundance (John 10:10).

I don’t believe that God has made each of us just to get through life. I believe that like the nutrients we feed our plants with, if we come to him and lean on him, soaking up his goodness and his wisdom, then we can once again be the people that he planned us to be - flourishing, blossoming and enjoying life in all its fullness.

It is my prayer this week that you know the abundant God who desires for you to be rooted in his Word and nourished by his grace and truth, so that you may reach your full potential as a child of his, loved by him.