Pastor’s Pen: God will love you to infinity and beyond

Rev Carol Harvey.
Rev Carol Harvey.

Dear readers, do you remember those long summer days of your childhood? The days seemed to stretch “to infinity and beyond” to coin a phrase from Buzz Lightyear.

Nowadays I find two weeks is barely enough time to catch my breath, that is until today!

You see today I took a break. I picked a friend up at 11am and accompanied by my two dogs we headed for the north coast. In spite of an horrendous tailback with the excavations for the new road we made reasonable time and arrived safely at our destination.

That’s when it happened; the time warp! Perhaps it was the soft hypnotic swishing of the Bush river at the bottom of the garden or the patient waiting of the fishermen lazily flicking their lines into the peaty water or the fish jumping out of the water always a few tantalising feet away from the hook, but time stood still.

It was bliss. Isn’t this what happens in our relationship with our heavenly Father, even for committed Christians.

We are so busy doing we forget to just “be” with Him, listening to Him.

The world does nothing to encourage us to just be.

I am reminded of the words of John Milton: “He also serves who only stands and waits.”

Jesus said: “my peace I give you, my peace I leave with you, not as the world gives give I to you”. (John 14 v27) That’s something that is hard to hold onto in this world when day by day new atrocities tear our hearts and worlds apart.

Remember in the midst of all you suffer that God’s peace passes all understanding.

May you find those peaceful moments in your life and enjoy the bliss of being held in that time warp by the One who loves you “to infinity and beyond”.

By Rev Carol Harvey