Pastor’s Pen: Holiday time can open up a sacred space

Rev Carol Harvey.
Rev Carol Harvey.

By Rev Carol Harvey

At last the school holidays! The school run is over for a while, no scramble on a Sunday night, no uniforms, no packed lunches, no voices raised, nor tempers frayed as the shout goes through the house “Get up, you are going to be late for school!”. Well maybe that was only my house.

It’s great for a few weeks isn’t it, then the children begin to get restless - “where are we going today” and “but you promised!” Perhaps you are working parents and you have the added anxiety of day care during the summer months. It’s not so easy juggling families, careers and responsibility.

Our summer holidays should be a time of refreshment, a time when we fuel up for the winter ahead, spiritually as well as physically and part of our responsibility to our children is to assess their spiritual development and do what we can to help them, as well as ourselves, to grow in their relationship with God.

A friend told me recently of something she learnt at school.

Q: Who made me? A: God made me. Q: Why did God make me? A: To know Him and to love Him and to serve Him in this world, so that I may be happy with Him in the next.

Simple words taught to a child, words that are as fresh to my friend today as they were some 60 years ago.

Holiday time can open up a sacred space - a chance for our kids (and ourselves) to deepen their faith in new ways.

Keep your eyes open, there will be a summer bible club in your area, a place for your children to make new friends, learn new songs and have fun.

What ever you are doing take a little time out to be with your Creator. At the seaside, picture Him on the shores of Galilee. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine, think of Him in the hot dusty streets, teaching the people, healing the sick, imparting the love of the Father wherever He went. Where ever you go, know that He is there with you.

May God bless your holiday time, grant you travelling mercies and a happy and healthy return to business as usual in September.