Pastor’s Pen: If we stray we can find our way back

Tom Irwin.
Tom Irwin.

By Tom Irwin

A few months ago my grandchildren, aged 13, 12, 10 and six, went on an expedition up the Cave Hill.

Assuring the youngest there were no bears, tigers, snakes or any other scary things it was all systems go.

In my rucksack I carried two small methylated burners for cooking, food to fry, a loaf of plain bread (buttered), eating utensils and paper plates. Oh yes - and a rope to make a swing. The only thing missing was the kitchen sink.

As we walked along the Sheep’s Path I felt like a Sherpa traversing the Himalayas leading an expedition of climbers. The children had great fun chasing one another.

When we reached the selected picnic spot my granddaughter and I set up camp while the boys fixed the swing. Laurie, who was practicing for her for her Duke of Edinburgh’s award, was elected to be the cook - closely supervised by me. Outdoor camp food always tastes good – especially fattening food – and none was wasted.

When the feast was finished the two eldest children asked to go off exploring which I agreed to, making sure one of them had a fully charged workable mobile.

Fifteen minutes later I got the phone call: “Granda, we’re lost”. “Don’t worry,” I told them, “keep walking upwards to the forest area and hopefully you will see the caves.” Camp was quickly packed up. Soon I got another call: “Hi Granda, we see the cave”. Later we agreed that it is easy to lose one’s way – just as it is in life’s journey.

The disciples feared getting lost without Jesus, so He told them: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.” John 14 v. 6

Jesus also told them that if they always followed His word they would never get lost, and so it is for us. He reassured them that He would never be too far away and would even come back for them.

It is easy for any of us to get lost on our Christian journey through life, but we always have that life line to hold onto and to know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that through Him we will never be lost to damnation.

We as Christians need to keep ourselves well charged at all times by keeping in constant contact with our Lord through prayer. We have a direct line through to Christ at all times so that if by chance we do stray sometimes we can find our way back.

God Bless and happy camping.