Pastor’s Pen: Jesus is the best treasure you can find

Rev Neil Cutcliffe
Rev Neil Cutcliffe

Although it was many years ago, I well remember the evening when my four year old daughter Zoe, carried out one of her regular unannounced visits to her brother Matthew’s bedroom.

Without warning, his door burst open and Zoe thundered into the room with the nimbleness of a baby elephant. Matthew, well accustomed as he was to such invasions of his privacy, didn’t even bother to look up from his maths homework. He knew only too well what was on Zoe’s mind. The bar of Kit Kat that she had seen earlier in her brother’s hand was too great a temptation to ignore. Zoe proceeded to trash the room and soon uncovered the chocolate beneath a pile of computer magazines. “That’s mine!” exclaimed Zoe, holding up her newly won pickings. “No it’s not,” came Matthew’s weary reply, his head still buried deep in his text book. “Yes it is!” screeched Zoe, indignant that anyone could possibly think otherwise. “Put it back!” “No!” Obviously this interchange could have gone on indefinitely so Zoe adopted a radical shift in strategy. “Finder’s Keepers!” she shouted loudly. “But I haven’t lost it!” “Finders Keepers!” Zoe roared at the top of her voice and to seal her victory, she unwrapped the chocolate and quickly devoured the lot. ‘Finders Keepers’ is not just a game for children For many adults ‘Finders Keepers’ is one of the driving forces in life. The more things we find in life, the more things we get, the more we hoard and the more we have, then the more secure we believe ourselves to be and the happier and more contented as a result. Jesus, however turned this completely on its head by saying instead of ‘Finders Keepers’, his followers must be ‘Finders Sharers’.

Seeking and searching after all, is part of being human. God’s Word tells us that Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure we can ever possibly find.

By Rev Neil Cutcliffe