Pastor’s Pen: Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus

Rev Paul Lyons.
Rev Paul Lyons.

I was calling with Sam (a church member) when I had an unexpected conversation. I had just entered his home when Isy (Sam’s wife) asked me: ‘Will you do it with me?’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked her. ‘It’ll be great fun.’ Becoming more confused, I asked: ‘What’ll be great fun?’ ‘Is that a yes? Ah, that’s great!’ she replied. ‘Isy, would you start from the beginning and tell me what you are talking about?’

Isy wanted to abseil down the side of the Europa Hotel to raise some money. After some thought I decided to do it with her. When I shared with people that I was going to abseil down the Europa with her their response was, ‘rather you than me!’

When the day of the abseil came I had a few butterflies in my stomach as I approached the edge of the top of the Europa Hotel. My instructor told me to step onto a block of wood. As I did this he said ‘the block wobbles but don’t worry I have you. You are not going anywhere!’

As I reflect back on this abseil experience it was only possible for me to do it when I made the choice to trust the team from the Belfast Activity Centre (BAC) who assured me of my safety and that they would look after me.

The trust I put in the BAC team was rewarded. It was a memorable day. This abseil experience reminds me of the similar choice we make to trust God.

Is there something you have felt God has been leading you to do? It may seem so big it you have butterflies in the stomach.

In Jesus’ final days before he went to the cross he said to his disciples: ‘Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God.’ (John 14v1)

It teaches us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. When we feel vulnerable and are facing unsure times we can trust him as ‘Nothing is impossible with God.’ (Luke 1v37)

By Rev Paul Lyons