Pastor’s Pen: Let Jesus lead you to your true home

Rev Alan Millar.
Rev Alan Millar.

By Rev Alan Millar

One autumn morning in Canada, as I walked Sam, our dog, I heard a whoosh, whoosh sound overhead. Looking up I saw a flock of Canada Geese heading to the creek just over the road where a larger flock had gathered before flying south to Florida for the winter.

This particular small flock were flying way out of the usual ‘V’ formation associated with geese in flight. I thought, ‘If you guys don’t get yourselves sorted out you’ll never make it.’

Geese fly in V formation so that the birds behind can use the updraft from the wings of the birds in front to make the going a little easier. After a while another goose will take the lead to give the lead goose a rest. The geese behind honk to encourage the leader as if to say, ‘Keep going, you’re doing well. Keep going!’

As I watched those messed up geese a goose from the back flew through the middle of the flock to the front. Suddenly they all fell into a V shape. All they needed was to be shown how. As they flew into the distance the lead goose dipped and turned, and the others followed. In the distance the V formation looked like two ribbons floating in the breeze. They may not have known the science behind what they did, but flying in formation, together, would help them find their new home in Florida.

We, like Canada Geese, need someone to lead us to our new home, our true home, which in heaven. That someone is Jesus! It’s there He has gone to prepare a place for those who believe in Him. In John 14:6 He tells us: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”

He also told the disciples that He would send the Holy Spirit who lifts us out of doubt and fear, encouraging us in times of hardship, as we help others on their journey home.

Mankind was way out of formation and struggled to find the way to our true home. So God sent Jesus who has shown all that is necessary to reach our true home - to love God with all that we have, and our neighbour as ourselves. Jesus truly is, the way, the truth and life.