Pastor’s Pen: Let Jesus play His tune in your heart

Rev Mark Niblock.
Rev Mark Niblock.

By Rev Mark Niblock

I am still in mourning over the death of the great Blues guitarist BB King in May.

There’s something uniquely special about his playing, a combination of his sound, the notes he played and the way he played them. With only a handful of notes he could create the most exquisite and expressive melodies. I know it’s wrong to covet but, aaahh…

Over the years BB King played a succession of trademark Gibson guitars. But he named each one Lucille. The story goes that he was playing a venue in which there was a brawl between two men, during which a fire broke out. After getting out safely BB went back to rescue his guitar and was lucky to escape with his life. In the aftermath of the blaze it was found that the men, who perished, were fighting over a woman named Lucille. Naturally this was a life-changing experience for the young performer and one that he never forgot.

We’re in the countdown towards Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

In the aftermath of his death his followers considered their experience of his life and the profound effect that he had had upon them. They too felt that they had to give a name to their leader as a means of expressing his significance for them. The name they came up with was one that had been already claimed for the Roman Emperor of the day: Saviour. It’s a word that, ever since, is associated with Jesus.

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to stop and reflect upon the life of the one whose birth we shortly celebrate, upon the melody that God played through that life, and upon the way that interacting with Jesus could be a life-changing experience for you too.