Pastor’s pen: New beginnings

Rev Alan Millar.
Rev Alan Millar.

By Rev Alan Millar

New beginnings are, for the most part, exciting, like a new day we have not lived before, for what it holds is unknown.

This is the first of many short devotional pieces that will appear in the Newtownabbey Times each week, written by a variety of ministers and pastors in the Newtownabbey area.

They are, as one of our hymns goes, to bring ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow’. All who contribute these articles do so that you may know God loves you, whoever you are or whatever your circumstances; that you may experience His grace.

And it is about God’s grace that I briefly want to share with you. In the television programme, ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ people bid for various properties.

Finally only two bidders battle it out. It boils down to who is willing to pay the highest price. The programme team then meet with the new owner at the property to see what it is they intend to do with it.

When watching the programme I have been amazed at the terrible condition of some of these properties, many of which, in my opinion, should be knocked down and a brand new house built.

However, those who buy these properties can see potential in the property to become a thing of beauty for which they are willing to pay the price.

God entered into a bidding war with Satan for the souls of men, darkened by sin. The only price that would satisfy the cost of our redemption was the blood of Jesus.

Satan’s purpose was and is to destroy the souls of all people, but God sees the potential in all of us to become new creations through Jesus - no matter what we’ve done we can become new creations. Believing that Jesus died for you and rose victorious over sin and death will transform your life into a thing of beauty, and assure you of the gift of eternal life.

God can see in you what you cannot see in yourself. Trust Him and be amazed. John 3:16-17.