Pastor’s Pen: Take time to quietly reflect and pray

Rev Colin Hall-Thompson.
Rev Colin Hall-Thompson.

By Rev Colin Hall-Thompson

Lent has come upon us particularly quickly this year; Christmastide seems barely over.

It’s a bit like life, one minute its all festivity and froth, the next porridge and hard reality.

Never mind, we’re heading towards Easter, and more festivity and joy.

Lent, which started on Ash Wednesday (February 10), is not a time of doom and gloom, but a time of reflection and detection.

The church has established a six-week period for us to take stock of the reality of our life-journey. How’s it going? Where am I at? What should be my priorities? What would I be better doing and not doing? This is not an negative exercise, but a refreshingly positive one. Yes, it is a good time to exercise body, mind and spirit.

It can be as strenuous as you feel is right for you at present. Give yourself a little me-time to quietly reflect and pray, read and stay (still), today and every day. Get yourself into rhythm not a rut; into stillness, not a scramble; into a short time of silence, not a frantic rush.

Enjoy the peace of God. Elijah had such a wonderful experience of this (1 Kings Vs 11- 13) says: “There was a great and powerful wind ...... after there was an earthquake .....after there was a fire , but God was not in them. After the fire came a gentle whisper .....”

Don’t miss the opportunity; do this and I am confident God will respond and your life will be changed for the better in surprising and unexpected ways.