Pastor’s Pen: This far and no further

Rev Alan Millar.
Rev Alan Millar.

As the ancient Roman empire expanded throughout the known world they set up garrisons to house troops for protection of their new conquests, and as we know the Roman empire expanded as far as Britain. Throughout their reign the Romans fought battles to protect their way of life. On occasions they had some setbacks - defeats - but they would regroup and re-engage the enemy until victory was won.

On those occasions when Roman soldiers were on the retreat they would go so far then the order would be given, this far and no further. At this point they put a stake into the ground to denote no retreat beyond this point. This is far enough. Here the soldiers made their stand.

In the beginning God created a world of beauty, creating Adam and Eve in His own image that they could enjoy the presence of their creator forever. But Satan lied to Adam and Eve and sin entered the world, and Satan continued on his quest to conquer the hearts and minds of God’s children through many forms of sin.

When the world was at its most vulnerable to Satan’s evil army God sent His Son, Jesus, to take back what had been stolen by Satan. Jesus gathered the faithful, re-arming them with the love of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit to stand fast in the faith. To win victory Jesus had to die on the cross, a sacrifice for our redemption. Through the cross Jesus said: ‘This far and no further.’

Spiritual battles are still being fought, but many Christians are growing weary. The Church Christ established has been and is being rent asunder by schisms and heresies. The lies of Satan are often shaping the doctrine of the Church as the standards of society now become policy in many churches, not least with same sex marriage.

Christians must rally around the Cross of Christ and say ‘this is as far as we are prepared to retreat’.

Society and modern culture must not dictate our faith. It is the Bible that gives knowledge and understanding of God’s intent for His church, and sustains our faith in the One and only true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

By Rev Alan Millar