Pastor’s Pen: Turn to Jesus as the only way to God

Rev Brian Lacey.
Rev Brian Lacey.

By Rev Brian Lacey

The terrible terrorist atrocities that we have witnessed on the news, not only in Paris, but across the entire globe, are a stark reminder that we live in a very broken world.

Time and time again, we humans turn on each other, we hurt each other, and we even kill each other, motivated by anger, bitterness, revenge, and all other negative emotions. Sadly, we have been doing this since the first humans walked the earth.

The clear message of the Bible is that as a consequence of our broken and corrupt nature (our sinfulness) God needs to heal our brokenness and to save us from our corruption. More specifically, the ancient Israelite prophets declared that God would send someone to personify and usher in this healing and salvation. Within Judaism that person is called the “Messiah” (or the “Christ” in the Greek language).

Over the years many people have claimed that title for themselves, or they have had it attributed to them by others. Yet others still have claimed to be the solution to the world’s problems: politicians, religious leaders, economists, philosophers, military commanders, etc. They might not have been associated with the title “Christ”, but nevertheless they understood themselves to be the Saviour of the world.

Jesus warned his disciples not to be fooled and led astray by such people. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the true Christ. He alone is the healer and Saviour of the world.

As we approach Christmas, I urge you to turn to Jesus as the only way to God, as the true expression of God’s salvation for us, and as the giver of new life for all who believe in him, who trust in him, and who are ready to obey him.