Pastor’s Pen: Walk the slow path that leads to salvation

Rev Brian Lacey.
Rev Brian Lacey.

By Rev Brian Lacey

It’s a dilemma that I regularly face, and making the wrong decision can lead to a little bit of rage - road rage!

My dilemma is that if I want to go north, I must choose whether to drive over the bumps of Donegall Park Avenue, on to the Shore Road, and up onto the motorway, or go through Glengormley to the Sandyknowes roundabout.

The second option is just over a mile shorter and about one minute quicker. Or at least, quicker in theory. For sometimes Glengormley can become congested, and things can get very frustrating at Sandyknowes.

So the best option, as strange as it may seem, is the longer, slower route.

Now, is there a sermon in there? Well, let’s see.

I think we are generally consumed with the idea that we want everything now: from our food, to our parcel deliveries, to a GP appointment, we want it quickly. That also applies to our relationship with God. We want a spirituality that gives us the least hassle and provides a quick and easy salvation.

And yet Christian discipleship has never been the shorter, quicker option. We walk a path with a cross on our back, following in the footsteps of our Lord who promised salvation, but with hardship. It is a longer journey that requires concentration, patience, effort, and endurance.

The quick and easy road to salvation, which the modern world would love, is therefore not really an option. It might look better in theory, but there will be a million obstacles that will only hold us back from encountering God.

So let’s avoid what looks like the quick path that leads to destruction, and instead walk the slow path that leads to salvation.