Pastor’s Pen: What was it that changed Peter’s tune?

Rev Ivan Neish.
Rev Ivan Neish.

Rev Ivan Neish

You’ve changed your tune. That’s a phrase that we use when someone is acting or speaking in a different way from previously. We have noticed the contrast and we wonder what has made the difference.

I want to think about what changed the tune of a man who just a few days previously was ashamed and crying. He had been hiding with some friends, and fearing for his life. You see he had really let down someone with whom he had spent most of the last three years.

Although he had shown an initial surge of courage, it was downhill from then on. He said he didn’t know the man and ran away when he was needed most. Then, as if to turn the knife in the wound, his friend had been taken to a kangaroo court, declared guilty, dragged away by soldiers, and executed in the most painful and humiliating way imaginable. Peter was ashamed, broken and desperately disappointed. I can almost see him hunched over, head in his hands, hating himself.

Then, unexpectedly, everything is different. When we see him again, he is full of joy and excitement, out in the market place with great courage and boldness, telling everyone who will listen about Jesus, the Son of God. He spends the rest of his life, and in the end gives his life, for this gospel message.

What changed Peter’s tune? It could only be one thing. He saw Jesus, whom he had watched die from a distance just three days before, alive again. He knew it for sure. He had spoken with him, eaten with him, listened to his words and touched him.

This is the great message of the New Testament. The Saviour died, and is alive, and if we will take him by faith, we will experience the life that only he can bring. If we do, our tune can be changed too.