‘Patrons of Ballyclare social club making residents’ lives a misery’

The Linfield Supporters Club on Abercorn Drive.  INNT 51-507-RM
The Linfield Supporters Club on Abercorn Drive. INNT 51-507-RM

DRUNK and disorderly patrons of a social club in Ballyclare are making neighbouring residents’ lives hell.

That was the claim made by a resident of Abercorn Drive, who on Monday night, gave a brief presentation to Newtownabbey Borough Council on the problems facing those living close to 1st Ballyclare Linfield Supporters Club.

The man has raised objections to the renewal of the club’s Entertainments Licence and he described in detail to members how residents are plagued by rowdy and anti-social behaviour both during and after events that are held there.

“I have lived at Abercorn Drive for eight years and it was fine until about a few years ago when things changed for the worse. In the past four years the patrons attending the club appear to have become very unruly and disruptive,” he said.

“The noise levels of music and general nuisance can often reach unbearable levels, especially when the fire doors at the club are left open, not to mention the crash of ‘empties’ dumped late at night. There have been many incidents of social disturbance, littering with broken bottles and cigarette butts, residents’ properties being used as a public latrine, vandalism, and instances where residents have been left fearing for their personal safety.

“The majority of those who live on the street are elderly - pensioners living on their own who feel scared and intimidated by what is happening and they are desperate and not sure how to go about dealing with it.

“Unfortunately because the club is situated in a residential area, anything that spills out from the club spills into the street.”

Police confirmed that they are aware of a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour close to the licensed premises at Abercorn Drive.

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