Ballyclare mother’s praise for medical staff

Niamh McDowell.
Niamh McDowell.

The mother of a young girl from Ballyclare with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia has thanked the medical staff who have helped her daughter since her diagnosis.

Niamh McDowell (4) was diagnosed with the condition on March 25 of this year and received a blood transfusion on the same day.

Speaking to the Times, her mum Samantha said: “I can’t thank the medical staff enough who have helped Niamh.

“From her diagnosis to treatment, they have all been fantastic.”

A blood donation effort will take place at Woodside Logistics Group in Ballynure on August 23 to help children and adults across Northern Ireland who require blood donations.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service will be on our site here in Ballynure on August 23.

“Over 150 of our staff will donate blood to help save the lives of others. One single donation could help save the lives of three people in Northern Ireland.

“The Blood Transfusion bus will be on-site throughout the day and into the evening to allow local residents to make a donation.

“We know just how important this service is to those who need it, as colleagues of ours have relatives with cancer. Their treatment often requires whole blood transfusions to replace the red blood cells or platelets.”

Encouraging residents to support the initiative, Samantha added: “This blood donation session has been organised by her dad and granny’s work.

“I would ask the community to please give blood. Without blood donations, children like Niamh wouldn’t be able to continue their life saving treatment.”