Carrick ‘princesses’ starin new series of ‘Teen Taxi’

A Carrick family will be taking part in a new series of BBC’s “Teen Taxi”.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 11:27 am
Jane Lemon, daughter Susi and niece Rachel took part in an episode of "Teen Taxi".

Jane Lemon and daughter Susi Pagel are joined by Jane’s niece Rachel McKay in the episode ”All Eyes on Me” and “Squad Goals” which can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

“Teen Taxi” is a documentary following teens and their “taxi driver” parents on various car journeys.

The ladies who live in Copperwood and who run “princess parties” were filmed in fancy dress on their way to a booking.

They can also be seen chatting in every day casual clothes whilst they are being driven by Jane.

Jane said: “The film crew came over twice. They filmed us when we were on our way to a party and filmed us on our way to a gig.

“They followed us in the car. There were shots from around Carrick. We were the only family from Northern Ireland to take part. We also went to Bristol to do a photoshoot. It has been very exciting.

“It has been so much fun being followed around. We had to have the car fitted out with all the cameras. The cameras followed us for hours.

“We had a ball making this show.”

Jane, who has also take part in television shows “Pointless” and “The Chase” went on to say that her daughter, who has studied musical theatre and performing arts, is keen to purse a career in the arts. She has already taken part in Christmas panto at The Courtyard Theatre in Ballyearl. Both girls are trained singers. The “Premier Princesses” also have musical theatre qualifications from London College of Music.