Children’s kindnessto pensioner praisedduring visit to Carrick

Two children who bought an elderly lady a surprise gift with their own pocket money have been praised for their kindness.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 12:28 pm
Robena McAuley.

Romaine Duffin said that she had been on an outing to Carrick with her mother when they were presented with the unexpected gesture.

Romaine indicated that her 88-year-old mother Robena McAuley, who lives in Glenabbey Manor, in Glengormley, suffers from dementia.

She explained that they had first encountered the girls, whom she believes to be primary school age, in a coffee shop before seeing them again at the Drop Inn Ministries charity shop.

She said that they had both been impressed by the girls’ manners.

“We went on round the town. Mum just loves a wander round charity shops and these wee girls appeared again. They came over to her and said ‘excuse me’. They had this beautiful bear and they handed it over asking if we would like to have it.

“I was speechless. I could not say a thing. They did it that quickly. Everybody in the shop was looking round.

“The lady in the shop came over and said that the two children were looking to see if they could find something really nice. They paid for it with their own pocket money.

“I just think it was really beautiful. My mum hugged the bear. We were just in tears. It was just a beautiful gesture.”

Romaine says that she would like to make contact with the girls to thank them for their kindness.

“That money would have been a wee treat for them. They are a credit to their parents.

“It was just lovely and I think it has to be recognised. “

Romaine went on to say that her mum, a former teacher at Sunnylands Primary School, loves teddy bears. Previously, the family who were from Carrick lived in Downshire.