Council ‘declares war’ on irresponsible dog owners

Elected members discussed dog fouling at Monday's meeting.
Elected members discussed dog fouling at Monday's meeting.

Antrim and Newtownabbey Council has been asked to review its strategy in tackling irresponsible dog owners and dog fouling across the borough.

The move comes after elected members on the local authority’s Operations Committee discussed the issue of dog fouling at Antrim Civic Centre on February 3.

Speaking to the Times following Monday night’s meeting, committee chair, Ald Julian McGrath said: “I think it’s fair to say that committee members have declared war on irresponsible dog owners.

“I get contacted constantly about this issue. It’s not only disgusting, but a real health hazard and the feeling among committee members and among responsible dog owners and members of our community is that this is something we really need to tackle hard. We cannot let this continue.”

The Glengormley Alliance Party representative added: “Committee has asked council to review the number of wardens operating across the borough, as well as the volume and size of fines issued.

“Sadly of course, it may mean paying more wardens, but we hope that an increased presence and more fines will send a real message.”