Flags erected outside new social housing scheme in Glengormley

A UDA flag has been erected.
A UDA flag has been erected.

Nationalist councillors have voiced concern after a number of flags were erected on lampposts outside a new social housing scheme in Glengormley.

It is understood two Union flags, a Parachute Regiment flag and a UDA flag are flying at the entrance to the Clanmil Housing site in the Carnmoney Road area.

Outgoing Policing and Community Safety Partnership chair, Cllr Noreen McClelland said: “It is really disappointing, both myself and other colleagues work continuously to ensure good relations in Glengormley and yet every year we are faced with this issue.”

The SDLP representative added: “Flags are used to intimidate, this should not be the case. This has gone on for far too long. People do not want this, they want to live side by side with their neighbours, go about their work, raise their children and not be subjected to such displays.”

Sinn Fein Cllr Rosie Kinnear said a number of concerned residents had contacted her about the issue.

She said: “Glengormley is for everyone - attempts at intimidation will not work, nor will they be tolerated. It’s an excellent place to live, grow up and raise families. The wide range of people, from various backgrounds, who will eventually end up in these houses deserve respect - as do all current residents in the surrounding area.”

Confirming it is aware of the matter, a spokesperson for the housing association said: “Clanmil is committed to equality and an inclusive future for everyone.

“We are aware of flags being erected on Carnmoney Road and will be working with various agencies including council, local representatives, community groups and PSNI to play a constructive role to address this.

“We have a proven track record of building quality homes open to all and we will deliver this in Glengormley.

“We have started laying the building blocks including through a cross-community art project involving 200 children from five local schools. They are creating public art that will be permanently displayed in the development.

“Homes will be allocated from the Northern Ireland Common Selection Scheme.”