Independence Day celebration for nursing home residents in Greenisland

Knockagh Rise Nursing Home, in Greenisland, along with McDonald’s restaurant in Carrickfergus held an American style lunch for residents to celebrate Independence Day (July 4).

Thursday, 4th July 2019, 5:47 pm
Staff at Knockagh Rise Nursing Home got into the spirit of Independence Day.

Activity co-ordinator Michaela Chambers said: “I contacted McDonald’s at the start of the year to discuss the possibility of their supporting our American themed day on 4th July.

“I explained that as many of our residents would love to visit McDonald’s, but were physically unable to do so, we would love to transform our dining room to resemble one of their restaurants.

“Immediately they said yes, they would love to help.

Food was supplied by staff at McDonald's in Carrick.

“As part of our craft sessions last week our residents cut out and painted lots of the famous McDonald’s logo and American flags - everything else was provided by McDonald’s.

“The residents had a fantastic lunch time with an Elvis play list, American Hats and great food and fun.

“One resident brought us all to tears when she stood up and gave a thank you speech to the team at Knockagh Rise.

“We would like to once again thank Gemma and her amazing team in McDonald’s of Carrickfergus for their community spirit and help today and our amazing care and kitchen teams in Knockagh Rise.”