Major label shows interest in Ballyclare DJ

Adam pictured with his fiancee Sarah and his son Elliot.
Adam pictured with his fiancee Sarah and his son Elliot.

A music artist from Ballyclare could be on the verge of signing for Pegasus Music after his latest song has attracted rave reviews from listeners.

Adam Weir (27) recently recorded his new track ‘Won’t let you go’ at Cloud 9 Underground in Belfast. The tune features the talents of American vocalist, Anna Grace.

After uploading the song to Soundcloud, Adam has been inundated with positive comments from listeners.

An hour after the track was uploaded, Mike Demirele, the owner and A&R of Pegasus music messaged Adam, asking if he would like to release his song with them.

Speaking to the Times, Adam, who has been mixing music since his teens, said: “When Mike Demirele contacted me, I honestly thought it was just a spam email or one of the listeners saying ‘cool track’, but I was totally wrong.

“I had to do a double take. It blew me away when he contacted me. It then hit me that I have made something special.”

Adam, who currently works as an engineer in Crumlin, says he is not ready to concentrate on music full time at this stage.

He added: “I don’t want to jump on the boat just yet. I will sign the contract and release more singles and see where the road takes me, but it has always been a dream to create music which now could be a reality.

“I’d like to thank Graeme and Cloud 9 Studios @ Belfast Underground for helping me with the vocals and Anna Grace for working with me.”