Planning approval for ‘amusement lounge’

Planning Service has recommended approval of a change of use application that could see a gaming and amusement centre open at Abbey Trading Estate, Longwood Road.

Details of the application for change of use from a commercial unit to a “gaming and amusement lounge” were presented to the council’s Planning and Consultation Committee on Monday, September 9.

Macedon councillor Billy Webb said he was surprised by the approval recommendation and raised concerns about locating such a business in a commercial area, parking issues and pedestrian safety given the traffic in the area.

Planning officer John Davison said that the application had been assessed and there were no grounds for refusal. He stressed that if planners sought to defer the matter there could be “a real risk of legal action” from the applicant.

Cllr Webb said that he reluctantly accepted the planners’ decision, but stressed that he had concerns about such a business moving into an existing retail centre.

“There doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this other than raise our objections,” committee chairman, Alderman Billy DeCourcy added.